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Decom reef equipment

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Decom in late FEB 22 due to tank crack, decided to take a break selling beloved equipment used for my 4 x4x2 reef tank.

1. Skimz SM257 at $350 ( Retail at $723)

2. SKIMZ CM122 at $250 (retail at $414)

Very new to replace old crack main

Cylinder, the remaining parts are all new.

As show.

3. Ecotech Vectra L1 at $320 ( retail at $789). No need to used cable tie as return long pipe is glued that can b cut to suitable


4. Reef Octopus kalk KS 100 at $120 (retail at $374) used with CR to maintain PH.

5. Ati Sunpower 8x54w at $120 ( not for fuzzy buyer n is good for frag tank).

6. Kamoer FX-STP at $150 ( retail at $259), used once for 1/2 hrs to test water but left mount inside the sump.

7. SKIMZ 1.2L Pump at $40 (used for CR)

Interested party pls whatapp at 91087243.20220227_114606.jpg20220227_113929.jpg20220227_114909.jpg20220227_114441.jpg20220227_140231.jpg20220612_103405.jpg20220227_114316.jpg


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1. Skimz SM 257 at $290 operating at 1/2 load.
2. ECOTECH vectra L1 at $290 operating at 1/2 load.
3. Kamoer FX-STP at $130, use to test water & thereafter left mounted in the sump compartment which explain the slight rust accumulated. Mend for CR but lazy to connect bcos the Skimz 1.2 do the job well.
4.Skimz 1.2 pump $30 feeding CR at 1/2 load.
5. 5 kg CO2 cylinder with few mths old solenoid & fully refil gas used for few day b4 tank crack at $70.
Interest pls whatapp 91087233, location at Bukit Panjang.

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