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Selling Yellow Tang, Clown, Royal Gramm, 6line, cardinal, shrimp, snail

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I am selling my livestock due to house move. Refer below;


1. 2x True percula clowns (paired) (4cm for male/ 5-6cm for female) - $60 for both

2. 1x Royal gramma (size: 4-5cm) - $50

3. 1x Yellow tang (8-9cm) - $250 (note damaged fin as bitten by other livestock but recovering)

4. 1x Banggai Cardinal (8-9cm) - $20

5. 1x 6line Wrasse (4-5cm) - $10

6. 2x Cleaner shrimp (4-5cm) - $10 each

7. 8x nasa snail - $20 for all


All livestocks are reef safe. Does not eat or nip at corals.





Interested pls PM me, Eric.



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