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- Tank size : 1200x600x500mm ht with 2 sides crystal glass and external Overflow
Sump : 1000x500x450mm ht
and side control panel at cabinet for the equipment's controllers. ( Tank and Cabinet by CR )


1. Ecotech Radion G5 xr30 with mount arm x 2 sets
2. Ecotech vectra L1 
3. Ecotech vectra M2
4. Ecotech Mp40QD 
5. Nyos skimmer 220
6. Tunze stream 6105 incl Controller
7. Tunze Osmolator 3155
8. Alkatronic with new bot. reagent 
9. Skimz calcium reactor CM122 with BM C100 chamber and 2 CO2 cylinders
10. Skimz zeolite reactor
11. Marine Magic double side Acrylic  LED Algae scrubber with pump
12. Daikin compressor with in sump coil 
13. Aqua Ultraviolet UV -Watt

14. Testing device: Hanna po4, Hanna nitrate meter , Milwaukee refractometer , 2 x 25kg buckets FM salt (new) as well as all additives and cleanings tools / magnets etc . 

15. 5 Stage RODI unit with TDS meter


Selling Tank and Cabinet Set including All above items 1 to 15 for $6.8k

Total: Worth more than $15k for main tank, sump with cabinets & equipment . Selling all as a set so please don't PM me for individual sales.

I am not in a rush to sell off So please don't low ball.

Arrange your own delivery.

All equipment are working and my tank system is running  fine as per photo / video. 

Collection at near Buangkok MRT.

Interested PM me. 


16.  Live stocks ( corals ) - Planning to sell All corals including massive colonies of red and Blue and gold dragon, Multiple Crazy T monti, Rainbow Chalices, grafted Sunfire & WWC monti, SSC, purple ,red stags, Yuma, Scoly, Gonio, Prata , tenuis , rbm , grafted setosa, lemonade tenuis ,ice fire echinata, hammers and torch, Octo corals etc. etc ( as per photo ) - $2.8k

17. Live stocks ( Fishes  ) - Planning to sell All stable Fishes  including  AT, Mitratus buttefly, paired Storm clowns, Orchid dottback, yellow belly blue tang, Flame hawk, star leopard wrasse, Yellow wrasse , Rosy wrasse and etc... ( as per photo ) - $2.2k

For buyer taking the tank and equipment, item 16 and item 17 can negotiate to a better price. or for buyer taking Both item 16. corals and 17. Fishes together . Can negotiate. 


Interested PM me with your contact. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-04 at 10.47.40 PM.jpeg

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Item 16. Reserved. pending collection.

Item 17. Reserved. pending collection.

However, some fishes still available as below:-.

Rosy Scale wrasse - $ 60
Yellow belly blue tang - $90
Star leopard wrasse -$ 45
Yellow wrasse & sand goby - $30
Captive Orchid dottyback - $65
Take All for : $250.

Interested can PM me . All fishes feeding readily on pellets and seaweed etc ..

Those interested in equipments or accessories, items 1 to 15 can PM me too.

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Items still available:

Ecotech L1 mobuis ready: $280.
Nyos Skimmer: $750.
Tunze Osmolator: $150.
BM C R C100 chamber: $80.
CO2 tank : 2.5 litres and 3 litres : $80
Skimz Zeolite reactor with media $150.
Fauna Marin Skim Breeze 1 litre and some media : $ 100.
FM Zeolite set ( new ) with other supplements MG, Calcium test kits etc - $180.
Hanna No3 and phosphate and alk reader $150. ( all 3 )
5 stage RODI : $150. TDS measure 0 now. With new DI resin 4kg free & TDS pen.

Interested PM me with the items

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