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Maldives Fishy Shipment


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Maldive Fish Shipment now available at 108 Owen Road!!!


In time for weekday shopping.


Regal Angelfish (Sml) $160.00

Carberryi Anthias $22.00

Blue Eye Anthias (M) $18.00

Blue Eye Anthias (F) $16.00

Bimac Anthias(M) $28.00

Bimac Anthias(F) $25.00

Golden Midas Blenny $30.00

Black Zoster Butterflyfish $30.00

Goldring Butterflyfish $30.00

Mitratus Butterfly $280.00

Yellow Tail Demoiselle $10.00

Purple Fire Fish $25.00

Long Nose Hawk Fish $25.00

Black Side Hawkfish $20.00

Ring-Eye Hawkfish $20.00

Moorish Idol $25.00

Maldive Powder Blue Tang $38.00

Yellow Eye Tang Juv $25.00

Yellow Eye Tang Adult $40.00

Vrolik'S Wrasse $20.00

Exquisite Fairy Wrasse Male $40.00

Half Yellow Wrasse $15.00

Leopard Wrasse (Female) $30.00

Splendid Leopard Wrasse (Male) $40.00

Adorned Wrasse $28.00

Rosy-Scale Fairy Wrasse Alpha Male $45.00

Mccosker Flasher Wrasse $30.00


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