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Want to decom my tank due to work commitment overseas


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Hi I will going to decom my tank!
I will looking to sell all my corals first:
Pink bird nest colony - 70
Red stag colony: 70
Green acro colony: 70
Tri colour stag colony all 3 colony: 100
Bali slimer colony: 50
3 * Millies - one mutilti colour, one sunset and one I not sure - 100
Acro - not sure his name - 70
Acan - 50
Purple monti with green pepper monti plus red forest digi - 70 huge one!
Have 2 x green pepper monti huge one - 50 each
Blue agave zoas > 10 heads - 100 bucks
I will update the next batch of decom corals soon.
If anybody interest to take all at one goal including the live stocks, equipment and tank let me know! Below is the pic everything all in! I will give u the spec of the equipment!
Orphek lightings
nYos skimmer
Teco chiller
Tunze auto top up.
Redsea r350
I going at 4000 SGD everything in!
Please let me know!
Deal at hougang!
Contact me at 97200332
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