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WTS Sps Frags, L Size Blue Maxima, Yellow Tip Torch, Duncan


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As above, kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen thanks. Location 579727.

More than welcome to view before purchase to verify colours.


Royal Blue/Electric Blue Maxima, Shell Size ~12cm $220DA2C9567-BEAD-4B02-8596-D7F3D5CFA55F.jpeg.9ed9fb840b13379cade4991f58eb2060.jpeg

4-5 Heads Flower Duncans - $256BFEDB71-C837-43BA-8C73-7C290E8C7B35.jpeg.d89fa51c1ddc97b9c8a5e7e6c258fe56.jpeg

‘Marvyn The Martian’ Acro,(Purple Base), Hairy AF - $353A9E11BF-BFBE-4788-A85C-3FE2A8DBF348.jpeg.37ca32b067ec3473bdcbe05429f8e522.jpeg

Oz Banana SSC $35E1771950-A8E5-4E07-B24B-BF2D33C05D4D.jpeg.c82b39d7b3cf47f87ae2b9da3c37fad7.jpeg

Oz Yellow Tip Black Torch, 2+ Jointed Heads $6090BAF188-556C-4135-A28F-EC285344048F.jpeg.3b213c2f4e68070cd9289abebf5e1222.jpeg

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