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Decomissioning Tank. Live Rock, Additives, Activated Carbon, Phosphate Remover, Food, etc.

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Meetup at 650523.

This week: 28 September 2022, 1300-2100.

Subsequent weeks: Monday & Wednesday 1800-2100

DM to deal. FCFS.


3 pieces of liverock with a bunch of mushrooms, I've stacked them, they're not glued, about 6-8 inches in diameter per piece. I'll also give you all the loose red mushrooms I have floating around if you want as well (Disclaimer: has a few aiptasia and bubble algae on the rock): $40 - do bring your own bucket, i'll bring my own bucket and transfer to yours, unless you don't mind I wrap it with newspaper and put in a plastic bag, should be ok if you're going straight home.


Assorted filter media, DI resin, food and additives (approximately 1/4-3/4 full each, and TDS meter from Milwaukee still working. Take all for $50. (if you wanna get individual pieces, let me know, can negotiate).




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Update: 2/3 of the live rock has become dry rock. no more aiptasia or bubble algae. still got one more sitting in my tank that doesn't seem to have any pest. so its 2 dry rock and 1 live rock for $40. 

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