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Hi guys, 

My 20 galon tank which was practically covered with aiptasia since July 2022. 

Tried Redsea Aiptasia X and various peppermint shrimps, did not work. 

Bought this Stripey from a kind reefer here in midOctober 2022. He cleared all the aiptasia by 30 October 2022. 

He is gentle to other fishes except when feeding. He wants to eat all the pellets and mysis shrimps. Goes left and right. Splashes the water to bring down the pellets. 

Really cute to watch.

Excellent eyesight and he can see you from far and looks at your direction probably for food.

He is big, about 4 inches or 10cm. Too big for my small tank. Bought him only because of the aiptasia problem20221122_012904.jpg.bdd31f6be830e546a206448666749d21.jpg and he has done an excellent20221122_012908.jpg.24f8993b1491bfa13510c8ba3f5daf66.jpg job.

Now, reluctantly, I intend sell him. Preferably to someone with a bigger tank.    

Highly recommended for those with major aiptasia problems. 

PM me if you are interested.  

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  • SRC Member

Good Morning,

Im interested in the stripey. Im Mark.


Please let me know. Thanks.

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Hi bro, pls let me know where to collect from you? Thanks.

Im Mark (Sengkang)

98288403 (hp)

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