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Clearing Zoas and Softies


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Letting go of some of my zoas, price range between 15-30 depending on size and type, will frag from the colonies ive posted below

- Bam bam orange (one small frag, see if i can frag more)

- Tutti frutti (many large frags)

- Captain jerk + rainbow incinerator (stuck on one plug)

- Candy apple 

- jungle juice (many large frags)

- tequila sunrise (one small frag, see if i can frag more)

- purple death paly (2 polyps)

- sunflower (yet to frag)

- rainbow incinerator (yet to frag)

Other softies:

- lumi green kenya tree S size 15

- assorted lumi red mushrooms

- red mushrooms with blue specks (superman) on big rock 25/30, indiv polyps also avail

Collection in the west, or at tiongbahru on certain evenings

PM or tele mlyj21 to deal




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clearer image of whats left

also got scrambled eggs yet to frag, probably about 5 polyps

tutti frutti (yellow) and jungle juice (green skirt w orange ring and blueish center) colonies


bottom rectangle left to right: candy apple, bambam orange, rainbow incinerator + capt jerk, the other rectangle is scrambled eggs


clearer image of everything




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Update on what's left and some new small scrambled egg and bambam frags

Big colony of jungle juice and tuttifrutti still available, along w frags

Rainbow incinerator left with 1 polyp frag

Red mushroom polyps at least 2 inch across, many avail


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