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WTS Wavemaker & Minichiller

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Want to sell a mini chiller, suitable for 10 gallon tank. S$ 75. The original price was S$ 260. It's two years old, but only used for six months.


Also want to sell a wavemaker. A little strong for my 40 gallon tank. Probably OK for corals that like high flow or a bigger tank. Don't remember the original price, so selling for S$20.


Prices are for self-collection at NTU. Please add S$10 for delivery.

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Just to be clear, I don't know the brand for either of these items and suspect they were brandless.

The chiller was able to keep the temperature below 27 degrees on my 10 gallon shrimp tank, being activated about a quarter of the time in a room without air conditioning. The power supply is 84W.

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Sorry everyone. I just found out that this chiller is an "AL-20", which is absolutely not worth what I paid for it to begin with. Price is reduced to S$ 30. Apparently, it is OK for saltwater, but it does have metal pipes so I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive corals.

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