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WTB : 250w ballast/gearbox complete set.


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Hi guys,

if you happen to have a 250w ballast with or without the bulb, can you pls pm me your asking price?

Keen in getting one.





What is your budget for 250W MH light Set. We have offer complete set with build in Fan, External Ballast/ Box and Bulb - BRAND NEW set @ $499


Octopus Bay

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wah buyers and sellers all coming out ah?

anyway, those who are keen, i am converting my mh to t5 within the next 1-2 weeks so i will be letting go my mh equipment.

description: 2 black low bay national box from victron. both box are connected together but can separate them. come with standard victron items like spider reflector, e40 holder and glass cover. in good condition!

for the ballast; one is eballast from victron. enersave brand. the other is normal ballast from victron and mounted externally in a black metal box that i bought from sl sq. both ballast is for 250W.


box 1 (6 months old) = $20

box 2 (2 months old) = $25

buy both and i give u the 2 alum rods that connects both the boxes together plus the chain and stuffs that i use to hang them.

ballast with box (6 months old) = $ 25

eballast (2 months old) = $ 90

250W SE BLV 20k K bulb (6 months old) = $30

250W SE BLV 10k K bulb (2 months old) = $50

any purchase of more than 1 item, each additional item entitles you to an addional 3% discount so if u buy all, u get 15% off.

i can deliver and show you the wirings, etc. if u need changes, u can ask dr evil to help or if i can help (like drill extra holes, etc) i will try cos i got drill but that all the tools that i have. btw, this whole set i re configure myself.

pls PM me on ur interest and confirmation. pls no aeroplane hor. no obligation viewing at choa chu kang crescent weekdays after 7pm or weekends (sat anytime), sun morning and night.


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