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WTB overflow box

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see ur PM



3.8ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft - 12mm(Main) Ñ„ 3ft x 2ft x 2ft - 8mm (Sump)


Chiller - 3/4hp Pacific Coo Ñ„ FR - Resun FR Ñ„ Skimmer - ATI Bubble Master 250 - Reef Maniac 30" Beckeet Ñ„ Filter - Schuran Trickle filter Ñ„ Controllers - Aquatronica Advance Controller System


Return Pump - Rio 24 HF Ñ„ Beckeet Pump - Resun MD55 Ñ„ Equipment Pump - Aquabee 3000 Ñ„ Wavemaker - Tunze 6060, 2 x Seio 1500

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hi all.. wanna buy overflow box for 3 feet tank. anyone selling or knows where sells cheap , pls pm/sms 97995375

Hi ,

ARe you interested in overflow pipe $70 , available at my shop


Jireh Marine Aquarium Pte Ltd

61 Jalan Lekar Singapore 698948

Next to Qian Hu fish farm

Open Daily : 11am to 0600 pm , Closed on Monday

Tel : 67767990 , Fax : 67796123

Website : www.jirehmarine.com

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