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MCB Board/Socket Outlet


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Thanks Bro......anybody else wanna have a say or advise on this one....?

What about the cable size......does the size of the normal 3-core wire we use at home sufficient enough.....since its tapped from a 13-amp socket outlet....?

You can use normal 3 core cable after the 6amp MCB.

Before tt, you'll have to find the suitable cable size ;)

Studied before, but forget liao... :paiseh:

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USe 2.5 mm2 cable size minimum as a lot of 3 core wire uses only 1.5 mm2 wires.

That's:3 core x 70.


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Make sure the point you use is connected directly to the house ELCB point, if not you might just create an overload.

Alamak....!!!!.....now must check the existing wiring already....

But nonetheless......thanks to all for the advise......

*cant' believe even HV reply to this thread.....*

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