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Philips 17" Monitor for sale!!


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ok, i shall try not to sound too dumb. haha. there was once when i switched on the com and nothing came out on the screen, i thought it was the monitor, so i went to buy a new one, only to realise the same problem still exists. then i found out its the graphic card thats out of place. haha. so i have 2 working monitors now... oh wells.

you want it bro?

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Good excuse to get permission from your mother or wife (if you are married) to get a new LCD monitor... :evil::lol::D

Wife: "Honey, nothing appear on the monitor, what happened?"

Husband (You): "Let me check...."

Husband (You): "Oh, I think the monitor burn liao... no choice lah, must get new one"

Wife: "Aiyah, like that ah.. no choice lah... later we go Sim Lim..."

Husband (You): "Since we buying new one, may as well get the new LCD type one"

In reality, the PCI plug was pulled out by the husband... hahahahaha....

Cool trick.... :whistle

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