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My girlfriend's tank


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Hello fellow reefers.I could'nt really sleep well after i torn down my 4 footer. Thought of starting another tank so i jumped at the opportunity when my girlfriend's dad decided he wanted a marine tank.

I'll definitely need alot of help from you guys over the next couple of months and i'll appreciate any tips or pointers any reefers have.I have been absent from this hobby for nearly a year now..

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first on tank size,the tank is custom made to sit on a low wall and it acts as a devider.Vital statistics are 58 inches by 24 inches by 36 inches(LXBXH).

I'm still in the midst of deciding on the list of equiptments i wanna use.Probably be using the equiptments below-

skimmer-still going for the raw power of a beckett

chiller-probably a good 1hp chiller


a couple of fluidise reactors for rowa and carbon


have not decided on lighting and in tank pumps yet.

I'll skip the calcium reactor first as i do not plan to keep sps on this tank.

i'll keep you guys informed on the progress later on. :thanks:

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Hello fellow reefers.I could'nt really sleep well after i torn down my 4 footer.

i couldnt sleep well after looking at ur avatar!!!... :o

Let us work together to preserve the world for our children to inherit by being responsible to our surroundings. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, bubbles and memories.

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Current list of equiptments-

tank-58X24X36 15mm tempered glass

sump-40X22X30 10mm all round

resun 1hp chiller

SKIMZ single beckett with customised extension chamber

SkIMZ waste collector

Orp,Ph controller

Ozone reactor

SKIMZ fluidise reactor with rowaphos

Auto top up

1X Aquamedic Ocean Runner 6500 main return

1X Atman 6550 as chiller return

2X Tunze 6080

1X rio Seio 10,000L/H

3X OEM Coralife 150W clip on MH

2X 80W T5(coming soon)

Live stocks-

250kg live rocks

20 pistol shrimps with came with the rocks

50 assorted crabs(simply too many to remove completely)

hundreds of bristle worms and assorted unidentified crusteceans

A little peek of the room with houses the life support systems of the aquarium


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the tank is in its third week of cycling.there are still detectable ammounts of ammonia and nitrite.The prolonged period of cycling is caused by the huge amount of die-off in the uncured liferocks.

Attached is a picture of my sump.many thanks to Steve of Aquamarine Pets who personally came over to assist and give advice on the extensive plumbing work that needs to be done


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hi bro, Nice tank in the big house...... match the colour around and also nice rockwork.... good luck to you bro.... :). keep the pic and update coming......

just a question, where did you get the three hang on lighting for your tank? Thinking of getting one for my tank as i wanna stock slowly on corals. :) Are they metal halide?

:thanks: . :)

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