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DIY light stand for MH with roller


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Nice going iceman! Did you get the stuff from Teck Cheong as well? Amazing what you could come up with using a little ingenuity huh?! ;)

48x30x27' Tank. Beckett Skimmer. Deltec PF600s. RM FR Pro. DE 250Wx2. DE T5 39Wx4. Tunze 7095+6000x2. Sequence DART pumps x2 (1 return+1chiller)

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Very nice and neat rack, but i suggest you put your ballast somewhere else. The Mag ballast is abt 2-2.5KG. Sitting on top of your tank. Cant imagine if it drops into the tank. No matter how secured it is,you can never be too sure of it. The salt spray and evaporation from your tank water will cause the casing to rust in just a few months.

My advise is that you put it somewhere " high and dry". Your Safety and those at home Comes First.


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Bro Iceman,

U u list a breakdown of prices for these Al parts? Thanks

Every part is made to measure accordingly to the dimensions of your tank.

Therefore its hard to break down the cost.

In total, bro iceman spend about $100-$120 on all the AL parts.

300 Gallon Reef Paradise

6X2.5X2.5 FT Tank : 4x2x2 ft sump : 2x1x2 ft refugim

Skimmer: Deltec AP851

Calcium Reactor:

Lightings: Aqualight T5 Retrofit, 150 watt MH X2

Chiller: Hailea HC-500A model w/ Aquabee 2000

Ozonizer: Hailea HLO-300 Digital ozonizer

Wavemaker: Tunze 6080, Tunze 6060

Return Pumps: Aquabee 5000 x2

Other equipments: Aquabee 2000, Quietone 1200, 5L Co2 Cylinder w/ Dupla regulator

American Marine Wireless Thermometer

Reefing is a dedication, not a competition.

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