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Some Breeding Black Ocellaris and larvae

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hellooo everyone,

haven't had the time to pop back for a while mostly because nowadays my cable connection has degraded to the speed of dial ups in the evenings.

also been pretty busy with some larvae. :lol:

Conditioning Broodstock for breeding started about 6months ago when i put together a frozen feed for the pair (for adult fish health as well as healthy eggs)

i don't really need to go into the nutritional content/vitamin profiles of the ingredients here, but i picked them from Human dietary tables.

cost never crossed my mind, but luckily they are available to us fresh and relatively cheap.

Only 3 ingredients go into it:

Oysters,Prawns,Squid.(As fresh as you can get them.) when i make my next batch i'll go into more details.

The quality of the eggs produced come from the parents, whatever you feed the pair reflects in their eggs, true to any offspring of any animal -

Broodstock Tank is a 4ftx2ftx2ft. Nest site is on the back glass panel.

Sorry for the low quality pics but i whipped out 2 sony cybershots(a 3megapixel and a 5megapixel)

and both could not zoom across 2ft of water or focus on mm size larvae - i resorted to digging out my old mavica with a 10x zoom.(but pic quality is a low 640x480)


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I wasn't ready for the first spawn so i let it go (monitoring egg development period), within 4 days of the lost hatch a second batch was out.

thanks to marinebetta for the S type rotifers, i started up a 20ltr.

Eggs laid 3rd Dec(evening)

Hatch 12 Dec(night)

9 days

(this is the 1st batch i caught so i name it batch #1)

Day 1 - Morning (8hrs after hatch, body count 17 dead larvae)

Survivors number around 50-70 (can't really count)

Day 2 - 4: Needed 2 feedings of rotifers a day.

a little too fragile so i didn't do anything. No losses of larvae.

Had a 2nd spawning from the pair on the 4th day- gotta crank up the rotifers!

Day 5- pictures!


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Nice!! :lol:

But if you tame me, we shall need each other.

To me, you will be unique in all the world.

To you, I shall be unique in all the world...

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Keep our hobby sustainable, participate in fragging NOW

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up till now both batch#1 & #2 zero losses except the morning after hatch.

hopefully i can ween the 1st batch onto frozen food by next week.

These are now 2nd Generation aquacultured and raised solely on artificial salt mix (although i run new mixes through the 4ft broodstock tank first and then strained through a 53micron mesh)

hope you enjoy, i gotta go do a water change....or two :pinch:

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Great to know someone in Singapore can do it so successfully!!!!! To bad my true percs pair refuse to spawn anymore.

Black ocellaris are nice and not so common. Keep the pics coming...very very interesting!

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Yeh finally! :P

took months to find a pair and half a year waiting on them.

phew! finished the housekeeping and some beer, gotta go enjoy some

beer induced sleep :snore:

.....& be up for a 7.30am feeding. :snore::snore:

Congratulations bawater! I toast to your success.! :yeah: These clowns are quite a rare find?

The 2nd stripes appear real fast, as compared to MarineBetta's percs. Could it be that yoi'll be able to see its colour earlier too?

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