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Trace Elements.. to dose or not to dose

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From experience, it depends on how often you change your water? If you change like 20% a week, the require trace elements are already replaced with your salt mix.

However, if you change water less often, then trace element is require to replenish those used up.

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hi there bro ice,

if youre just keeping fish, theres no need to dose trace elements. however, if you wish to cultivate coralline algae on your live rocks, youll need to maintain adequate alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels. if youre not fussed about your rocks looking pink or purple, then theres truly no real need. if you keep shrimps and inverts and wish to maintain a good pod population, youll probably need to maintain adequate iodine levels to allow them to molt properly. as bro shaohui says, if you change water weekly, even if its just 20%, you shouldnt need to dose any supplements as your fish arent likely to need it ya.



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