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help..hammer melted,bubble die

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are u facing brown jelly dieases?

Do u smell your corals once they melted off? What are the symptoms (which means how they die off?)

Share the symptoms and how it melt offs...most likely is "brown jelly dieases"...iMO

Hope it helps...:D

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ya... 0.2ppm is way too high and not all corals can take it. may be the reading is inaccurate cos if i am not mistaken, you mentioned that you are running FR with phos remover media. invest a good test kit. salifert is easy to use and fairly accurate :)

ya... corallife saltmix ca is way too high. some batched have more than 600++ ppm. invest a good parameters saltmix.

it is good to practice to test on at least ca, mg and kh of the new saltmix you purchase. at least you know the parameters of your saltmix before u pour it into your tank.


I think the units are different. His PO4 is 0.25 mg/l.. You are referring to 0.2 ppm. 1 ppm = 7.55 mg/L (I think) so his PO4 is only 0.03ppm.

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hi perform test again

with salifert test kit

Ca out of 500 range

Mg 1200

Kh 9.6dkh

Alk 3.43

NO3 0

and test PO4 with sera test kit

PO4 0.25mg/l

this happen when I start all this 3 wks ago

1.after dosing seachem calcium only 1 per week with 2 spoon.

Dose about 3 times, now stop dosing and then start measuring after getting the measuring kit.

2. Adding Zonan Two 2 drops everyday

3. Adding one time 2 spoon of Reef Builder

Can any of this cause the dieing of bubbles and melting of only one hammer?

btw, the pearl is OK and others hammer OK.

Sorry to ask, you means you dose Seachem Ca and Reef Builder powder directly into your tank?

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hi mix power calcium with fresh water, then pour in.

Has recharger with 5 spoon of new rowa. btw, how long it take to bring down po4 from 0.25ppm to safe level?

I have try some of the Po4 remover product and found that Seachem Phosguard is the best to help me remove Po4 in my tank. so far been using it for coming to 2 years.

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