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Old Timers reappearing ...


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Now I see Danano, back from fatherhood :)

CKS too

ah haha

ashame to say ive not been very active in SRC lately

been busy with another hobby..

My seahorses r doing pretty well tho :)

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Well.... I'm back to clear my store room :P

Nice to see some old timer still around as well...

Been busy lately, haven't got time to maintain sps tank anymore.

Decide to trim down those motionless calcium branch with some swaying LPS which my wife be pestering me for the longest time....

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Livestock prices are even more unrecognizable .

haha.. true.. way before the big AVA raids, LS are so much cheaper. :(

Why do we use "My 2 cents worth" when 1 cents are not legal tender in Singapore anymore? Shouldn't it be 5 cents worth?

"Its easier to blame the 'mantis' or crabs in the tank for missing & dead livestocks.."


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More coming by, skim through new posts quickly and exits, I'll try to grab their attention.

Looks like everybody seems pretty much the same.

The hobby recycles itself all the time.

I'm content with mixed reef with lots of movement and splashes of colour here and there, plus lots of fishes. Just right to keep you mesmerised, not enough to give you a headache.

anyone can come by la .... :)

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I think SRC is a interesting place but for a while it get boring...

Thus giving it a break is good and be back again...

Otherwise, some events is always refreshing...


30G Corner Tank with 10G Sump, 2 x 24W artinic T5, 1 x 24W 10K, 1x 24W 20K, 3" Grade 0 sand & Live rocks, Activated Carbon, Bio-home, 2 x Seio M620, Hailea 1/2HP Chiller, Redsea Pro Skimmer

Live Stock:

Turbo Snail x 1, Green Mandarin Dragonet X 2, Blue Tang X 2, True percular x 2, 1 x Algae Bleenie, Clarke clown x 2


1 x 2" Blue maxima, Red/Brown/Purple Mushroom (Discosoma), Pink Ricordea yuma, A little colony Brown/Green common Zoanthus, Red/Pink/Green US Zoanthus, Eagle-eye Zoathus, 14 Branch Goniopora Pandoraensis, 1 Starburst Polyps, 3 + 2 Branch Frogspawn, 4 Blasto, palythoa, Cheato

RIPs (Since June 2005):

1. Sabae clown (KO by Clarke clown) 2. 1 branch melted frogspawn 4 branch 3. Golden maxima (Ripe the base off rock by me) 4. Algae Bleenie x 2 (Starvation) 5. Blue Maxima x 1, 2 x Maxima, 1 x frogspawn, rics (Overtemp...)

Old 30G Corner Tank.

Restarted 30G Corner Tank.

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Dono if many old timers recall me, but me been ard long enuff I guess...

Thanks to Rumor for inviting me to this thread ;)

With all the commercial interests now, I guess its hard to expect SRC to remain as a pure hobbyist forum.

Anyways its interesting to see Hon and Rumor moving away slightly from SPS to mixed reefs, cause I'm a victim myself, goin into anemones now instead haha...


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