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hi bros, anyone can help?

I just set up a 1.5ft tank. got a filter(hook beside the tank type), fine sand, sea water($3 for 25liter) and some rocks(coral).

The shop people told me that after setting up, at least 5 days later then can put fish in the tank. So after 5 days, i got 8 crown fish in. but after 3 days 4 died, then 3 died. now left with only 1. i fed them with dry food, which state fast sink, but it did not.

pls help, should i continue to put fish in? should i get an anemone for the crown fish(maybe they got no place to rest, so die)

Help needed....thanks

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Hi Francis,

Firstly, you got to cycle your water first before adding any lifestock. It'll be quite long for me to explain the whole process but you can look it up easily.

Basically, after your cycle, you can start to add fish slowly, as in maybe 1 per week.

As for anemones, you got to note that they are NOT ADVISABLE for beginners as they require certain specific care requirements. Clownfish do not need an anemone to thrive :)

Hope this helps

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Hi francisongkt,

welcome to SRC. I'm sure you will get alot of help from fellow reefers.

First thing, you got to have alot of patience. Dun believe 100% what pple at the LFS tells you. Sometimes, they will mislead u just to make a quick sale. Cycling of new tanks can take up from a few weeks to months. Its best that you do more read up in the new setup thread before you add anymore fishes/corals to your tank. 1.5ft is not very big and putting 8 clown fishes in at 1 shot spells disaster. Not trying to be a wet blanket here but i also learnt it the hard way.

You have to check your water condition first before anything else. Test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, PH and KH. GEt some testkits. These are the few basic parameters to look out for before putting in any LS. Water conditions will tell you whether your tank is ready to take in LS. And stock up slowly, esp for small tanks. Always a good practice to read up on the LS you wanna get and know their requirements first. From there, you will be able to tell if you tank can support the new fish/coral. I am also a beginner here and have learnt quite alot from fellow reefers. I'm sure you will be able to find alot of information and answers here for your questions. Happy reefing...

Just my humble opinion. ;)

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I think patience is the key to having a successful tank and please do take time to digest the info from this link....http://saltaquarium.about.com/

I will say please try not to add anymore live stock(fish/corals), I was there once and i do know the impulse of keep adding fishes and corals :paiseh:

do read up if certain fish or fish and coral can co-exist, as some are not compatable tank mate... if unsure, you can always ask here.

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u should cycle ur tank for abt 3-4 wks to make it stable.....n also must check the water parameter.....after 3 or 4 wks then u can add LS....FYI add ur LS bit by bit....n not at 1 shot....

juz my 2 cents :D:D:D

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Hi francis welcome to SRC,

At the moment your tank should have a lovely ammonia and nitrite peak which can kill fishes.

This whole cycle process will take on average 30days. Although the LFS may have told you shop seawater won't need to cycle - Your new filter needs to cycle! Which they failed to mention.

You have to leave the tank alone for another 2-3weeks before adding anything else.

Your 1.5ft with a hang on filter will be able to hold around 3-4inch of fish max(3-4 small clowns max or a single pair of clowns). This is taking into consideration filtration/water movement/oxygen content.

Clowns don't need an anemone - but if you do get one, you will need strong lighting (which will push your temperatures up)and regular feedings to it.

You will also need quite regular water changes.

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