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Spirulina-Anyone knows anything about it?

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Hi guys! I'm new in this forum! I have a freshwater tank at home, but am thinking of setting up a marine one really soon!

Reason for the change is that fishes in marine have so much more variety and the colours are really amazing!

But one thing i would like to know, i saw somewhere on the net about this food call spirulina. Is it a brand or a kind of fish food? It is said that it has really good health properties for fishes. But the main thing is that it really brings out the colour of the fishes!

Anybody knows where I can buy it from? Cos i was thinking of trying it in my freshwater fishes!

Thank you! Hope to learn more from the pros here!

Serene ;)

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Hi Serene,

welcome to the forum - To answer your question, Spirulina is a blue green algae which has been dried and can be found as a green powder.

It is used in fish food as a supplement (not on its own) usually not more than 5%.

It is high in Beta-carotene which is a carotenoid.

Carotenoids are the major pigment compound and it also helps the immune system as well as detoxification processes. Yes it works on freshwater & marine fishes.

You can find many brands of fish food that contains spirulina in most fish shops, just look for it in the ingredients. If you are able to, rotate a few different foods - this is good for the fishes and you will get the vibrant colours.

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SPIRUZINA is natural spray dried Spirulina micro-algae ( in powder

form) and it's the Ultimate "SuperFood" suitable for all marine

fish species. It is grown and harvest in the U.S.A. Studies

had shown that Spirulina enhances coloration of fish as it contains

High level of Carotenoid and to help to increase uniform growth

rates in them. The reproduction in fish had also been reported to

increase after the use of spirulina. This super food has the most

remarkable concentration of functional nutrients ever known in food - animal or plant.

Quoted from http://www.fishnfriends.com/Spiruzina.html

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