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Nano TL-450 by BOYU

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Hi everyone,

chance upon a really compact 58litres nano reef tank complete with protein skimmer, UV, filter, cooling fan, led and 2 x 18watt of light.


Has anyone one tried already? I am seriously considering this to keep my maroon clown pair which I have for 3 threes already.


Comments are welcome!
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is that a partition to put a skimmer into? what is a seperator?

According to Boyu website, Protein separator is just another name of Protein skimmer. Or may be builtin skimmer lor.

Boyu Protein Separator


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The price is $200, I saw it at Serangoon North near the Rainbow fish shop, it is a small shop. I think there is the Protein Skimmer cause it show on the box, did not ask them to open up and view cause too many stack on it.

Thinking of which is better valus, at Jireh got the quick start reefpack which has the pump, the skimmer and a filtration system in a box and just hang in the tank which is $188. Thinking of where to get it custom make.

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