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Advise Needed for my spawning ClownFish

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Please advise me… my Clown fish are spawning again (Started Egg laying on 18 Mar 2007-Sunday) and this will be their 3rd batch. I really do hope that I can raise them from eggs to fry to adult this time.

So what happen to my last 2 batch? Here is the story, the very first batch (with silvery eyes) I transferred them into a small internal tank within my main tank. (Yes, I separated them from their parent. ) And guess what, the next day, almost all the eggs turned cloudy, which I presumed that some of it has died. Immediately I transferred them back to their parent and hungry my cleaner shrimp ate the remaining survivor… so sad…

Batch 2: So after some reading from the forum, there is an advice given to leave the eggs alone and to catch the hatched critters when they hatch. And so I did, the next day, most of the hatched fry was either being eaten up, or sucked into my sump…or hidden behind my rocks… Haizz…

I really want this 3rd batch to survive…any kind reefers can advice me how to hatch them?

Some more info about my batch 1 failure: Could it be because I did not pump in any oxygen into the small internal tank? But the internal tank was within my main tank, so it should share the same oxygen level, right?...

Impatient “Father” to be.. :o

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i remember i read from this forum dat u hv to take them out when u saw silver eye

and place them away from the main tank n use a bubble pump to slowly stroke the eggs with those bubble to give them oxygen like what their parents did with their fins.

cant find the thread tho too many of them

good luck to u on dis 3td batch

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Thank you so much for the great source! I am now fully monitoring the development of the baby nemo...(started to turn brown)...can't wait to see them hatch in this weekend! :D

hehe good luck and remember to post pics ;)

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u standby the rotifers for ur baby food 1st loh..

can b bought from petmart if u want..

some reeefers are also culturin them u can ask from them..

ur 1st batch of eggs

dun transfer e rock of eggs away from e tank

pls wait till e silver eyes(7-9days) hatch liaoz

then use mesh net to catch them out to put in smaller container

after tht u need to feed them with rotifers..

2nd batch of eggs u simply put them in e main tank = :fear::fear::fear:

surely all other things r bigger than e babies mahz sure will eat them one

dun b surprise if ur nemo mama eat its eggs

due to mother nature u can c how nobel it is,it rather eats its own baby than let other fish eat it..

the eggs cannot b aerated with air pump unless e fish is hatch..

although u got air pump but u dun hav e papa nemo mouth to bite out e debris on e eggs... can u do tht???

e airflow in ur tank for babies cannot b vibrational..

cus e babies r rather weak they rest on e bottm of e tank

if keep vibrate under e air pump they will die under stress...

e air flow only min. amt abt 1 mini bubbles per second liddat

e 1st hatch from e nemo norm not successful cus e eggs r rather not mature

wait till 4-5 birth then keep e babies

meanwhile feed e mama with ltos of gd stuff..

like market prawn,in labour period they r extremely aggressive for e mama

pls dun put any similiar home to them..

what home did u let it slp on?

any pics?

u can refer to my nemo trend...

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any update? :lol:

did they hatch? ;)

pic pic pic

Thanks bro for all the advanced tips! And I will definately return with pics. :)

Regarding my baby nemo.... sadly none survived.... HOW COME?!

Here is my Diary (petty long and boring...):

Day 6 Morning:

About 1/4 of the eggs are missing from the rock. Properly, they have started to hatch or eaten up by the mama due to bad lots?! Anyway, it is still early.

Day 7 Before Light Off

I transfer the rock to a mini internal tank and put in a steady 1 bubble per 3 second near the rock, but not too close to the eggs.

Day 7, 2 hours after Light Off

Scanning and scanning....nothing moving is found except for those tiny silvery eyes staring at me. Then I use the air pipe and gentle stroke (creating wave) on the surface of the egg just like their mama did...

(I am also quite surpise to find tentacles extending out from the rock where is eggs are...is this what you call a LIVE rock?? Wonder if it will hurt those eggs?)

Day 8, another hour...pass midnight

Scanning and scanning!! Wa La!! Found 1 hatchings struggling at the bottom of my internal tank.

Day 8 Morning!

Almost 3/4 of the eggs on the rock are gone! And I am damn expecting to find the at most 1/2 of those baby nemo...BUT!!! I just found 1. (It must be the one which I saw the other day). What happen to the rest, no dead bodies?? Could it be those critters in my LIVE rocks?! Sigh! Well, better than nothing, I transfer out the rock to mama.

Day 8 Evening

Nothing was left on the rock... guess must be rejected by it's mama and got clean up by my cleaner shrimp...

The one and only nemo is still alive and struggling! Start feeding with the rotifer...

Day 9 Evening

Progress is good... able to swim properly... Feed again..

Day 9, 2 hours later

.... Totally speechless! The internal suckion of my internal tank came loose and sink to the tank bed... and I guess you all know the ending...

The nemo wonders out and got eaten by my fish....sob sob.... FAILURE AGAIN!!

Really can't explain the mystery about the missing eggs without the dead body... eaten by those tentacles??

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Really can't explain the mystery about the missing eggs without the dead body... eaten by those tentacles??

Eggs hatched,swam out of tank & then eaten by everything including going into overflow. (within an hour of hatch)

Don't worry, you should have another batch laid in a week.

Raise the larvae outside the main tank. This is the best choice.

Black rubbish bags are your best friend.

Buy some & a small plastic goldfish tank, wrap it with trash bags (see bottom for example).

Prep: Get ready a torchlight.

Fill the small tank with main tank water on the day of hatch, start bubble 1-2 bubbles per sec.

You can hatch them artificially like you tried but I find it a pain (to get them to hatch at the same time)

I rather let them hatch in tank, you are looking to catch a few so catching only around 50% is fine. (half of a few hundred is still a lot)

If you have shrimps – once you start the torchlight, you have around a 20mins window of collecting against the feeding shrimps/fishes & corals.

Maybe you will even get to see 1-2mm baby bristle worms swim & catch larvae. Everything knows its hatch night!(not only you)

Before lights off – cover entire tank with trash bags, switch off all wave maker & pumps. Relax,watch some TV or Have a Shower. (if you run MH- switch off lights before you cover!!!!)

Come back 45mins-1hr later and remove a small window at an area you want to collect.

Use torchlight,shine straight down to concentrated larvae & Scoop them out in a bowl with some water, transfer to small tank. (the scooping takes a little time to get used to but you’ll get used to it by the 3rd or 4th batch)

The on to the next stage of rotifers,changing water,bbs etc etc.


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did u put e rock of eggs there jsut to take pics??

how come u dun let e papa nemo fan his egg??? :pirate:

Nope...the rock is being place in that internal tank purposely so that when the baby fish hatch, it is easiler for me to catch them... :)

But if I leave it for papa to fan, it is going to be another failure batch cause those little fry will either be eaten alive or into my sump...

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