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COOLEST Complete NANO REEF TANK Now available !!

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hi !!! is $1600 include resun chiller ;)

that is quite a high price.. :eyeblur:

view my 2ft tank thread update here!!


Tank Dimension: 24'x15'x19' with black silicon. All round 8mm.


Return Pump : Hailea HX6540

Skimmer/Chiller : Sicce 2500lph

Skimmer : Weipro 2011

Lightings: 4xT5s HO..2 20,000k & 2 Blue Pro(Aquaz) Retrofits

Chiller : Resun CL280

Auto Water Top Up

Life Stock:

More then 35kg of figi rocks

Blue Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Bristletooth tang, Clown Tang, Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Flame Angel, Six Line Wrasse, Sunrise Dottyback. 2 Cleaner Shrimp

Green Bubble, Orange Yuma, Hammer, True Octopus, Acans,

Frogspawn, Green/Orange Cyannaria, Red Prata, Red Open Brain, Star Polyp, Acan Enchinata

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What is so secretive about the price. Can somebody just post the price here.

Hi bro,

There may be price war if they will to be listed out their best discount price that they dun want to be happen here <_<:ph34r: .

So Why dun you call them directly and do the comparision instead :rolleyes: ?


Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. - Goethe

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