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My 1st 4x2x2 tank


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hi bro, nice scaping u haf there.. anyway does ur fire clown kajiao ur other clowns?

Btw bro Ken dont think is a cup coral, look alike but not cup coral.

YES! my my Maroon clown now hiding in caves dont even dare to come out eat, im worried he will die hee.

bro ke

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2nd hand juz brought it from bro AH loong. i must say it 2 years old and condition is very good thx bro

Thks for the compliments Jason. Btw, you got my name spelt WRONGLY!!! Lol.

I'm glad the skimmer works like a charm for you as it always had for me.

Like I said, since your skimmer placement is so near to the sump I would suggest you use a feeding pump around 1200l/hr for optimal skimmer performance.

Remember, DO NOT close the air valve completely. Do read the manual when you're free, ya?

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yo bro..

did u happen to buy black percula clown from iwarna ?

if u haven they still have stock

e 1st coral tht have many little polyps is blastomussa merlanti

nice n neat tank..


icic merlanti... hee ya i did brought the black clown on sunday, now the pair in my sump, i wana catch my maroon and 2 african clown, juz gave the tomato clown to my friend only now still got 3 more to catch i really regret buying these terror fishes lol

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