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Dear people,

I am new to this marine fishes.

I just set up a 3 feet tank , apparently using RIO 32 HF as a return pump from my sump tank.

I notice that the flow is too heavy :( .

May I ask if there is any remedy for this problem ?

I just introduce a mandrain fish inside and the poor fish seems so pathetic .

Please advice me Sir and Madam.

Thank You


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Firstly, u shouldn't have added the mandarin. They don't do well in new tanks as they feed off copepods and amphipods which are lil white bugs that live in your liverock. Being a new tank, the population of pods will not be sufficient to sustain the mandarin.

But since you've got it, u might wanna try and get it to feed on frozen brine or mysis (not an easy task). And do more research on this species while ur at it.

With regards to your flowrate, how many outlets is going to the main tank? If it's a single outlet, splitting it to two will help dissapate the flow some and won't come across too strong.

Other alternatives would be to T-off the return to perhaps your chiller etc. More info on your setup would allow us to advise u better. Pics would be great too.


Tank 66"x27"x28" - Return Pump Red Dragon 12m3 - Skimmer Deltec AP701 - Chiller Starmex - Wavemakers Wavysea - Lighting DE 6 x T5-HO

southpaw23's reef

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Hi Pal,

Thank you for your advice.

Yes I should do some research before i commence further on any other fishes.

There is only 1 outlet going to the main tank , I will try splitting it into 2 .

Will try to get a picture and upload into the forum for more advice and help.

Thank you


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