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Very very large clump of chaeto for sale!

Achilles Tang

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For those who need/want chaeto for nutrient export urgently, I currently have enough to fill this styrofoam box!


Took me a couple of months to grow to this size so this monster has absorbed a lot of MH electricity already! :D As many of you know, chaeto has been my favourite and proven 'crash-proof' natural nutrient export mechanism for a year plus already and has put my monster beckett skimmer out of use actually plus helped reduce my electricity bill!

Going by market rate in SRC, I want to let go at S$70. Not interested to sell to many parties separately so first to respond gets this!

I'll also throw in a few 'pods that currently resides in this clump! :D But box not provided so bring your own please!



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  • SRC Member

I think 1/4 each is just about right. I'll be working tomorrow but can go to 1 of you in the east to collect after work. We'll split the cash, need 1 guy to collect on behalf of the other.

1) vdfne

2) kominato

3) sonicfrank

4) BFG

PM AT to arrange to collect on Sunday then.

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  • SRC Member

i would like some too.. if there is any left.. :(

My 2ft Tank

Tank specification ;

1) 8 mm glass with external overflow tank

2) 8 mm sump tank

3) Main return pump - AB 3000 ( 45 W )

4) Chiller main return pump - AB 2000i ( 18 W )

5) Chiller - Artica titanium chiller 1/10 HP ( 75 W)

6) Wave maker - tunze 6206 nano wavebox ( 10 W only ! )

7) Skimmer - H & S skimmer with AB needle wheel ( 18 W )

8) CR - RM Calcium reactor with AB 1000 ( 10W )

9) Denitirator - RM suplur Dnitirator with maxi jet pump ( 12 W )

10 ) Lighting - Lumen Auqa LED lighting ( 48 W only ! )

11) Hailei ozone generator ( 7 W )

12) Oceanus 2 x 2ft LED lighting ( 14 W) for chaeto planting

13) Tunze 6025 ( 6 W)

14) Skimz FR with rowa

TOTAL ; 263 W !!!

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