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Bartlett's Anthias For Bid


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wow tat the most ex bartlett i ever come across. bro no offence i always saw ur posts saying other bros selling their fishes at high price, u selling at $40 it quite reasonable but every bid is $5, this is way too high man

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pm u ...

Can i know how many are u selling ?


2x1.5x1.5 tank

Lighting: AI hydra 52HD

Skimmer: Deltec SC 1455

Reactor: Minimax; rowaphos

Skimz  ; NP biopellets

Wave Maker: MP 40 WQD

Return pump: Eheim 1262

Chiller: Arctica 1/10 hp


A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel -- Proverbs 12:10

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  • SRC Member

yes imho Bartletts are one of the easiest anthias to keep. Hi survival rate even if u buy direct frm lfs .

Main Tank : 48 inch by 36 inch by 28 inch (2 sides starphire glass)
Sump Tank :
Return Pump :
Chiller : Starmax Compressor 1 HP Drop coil
Chiller Return Pump
Protein Skimmer :
Wave Maker :
Fluidised Reactor :

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These are Barklett's ok not normal Anthias. ;)

Only thoes hunting for Barklett's know their price.

They normally gone within the same day when they arrive at LFS.

Just like the price of Sohal is different from Clown Tang. U get it?? ;)

LOL bartlett most expensive also 40 bucks nia.

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  • SRC Member

Your bartletts seem to have lost their colour somewhat.

Noentheless good luck for the bids! ;)

Be teachable always, nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. But learn to distinguish "fact" from "opinion".

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