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Which wavemaker suitable for Nano cube 24g?

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Wondering if it is really useful to have a wave maker for a nano cube 24g.

I am going hk next mth, so planning to get the wave maker. Actually what is the main use for a wave maker? does it make my sand bed more clean? Presently my surface of my sand bed is very dirty... will it help?

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Just buy the Hydro Koralia 1 which come with magnet (plug n play) for your 24G, I am using that right now n the current is just nice, no need to go all the way to HK n buy unless it is much cheaper.

Maybe u should try to look for a cheap good skimmer instead which can house in the nanocube filter compartment which our 24G miss it the most. If u do find one, let me know, I am looking for 1. :rolleyes:

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the surface skimmer - during my purchase of my nano tank, they didnt come with it. I actually called the main distributor and compliant about it. The sales rep was so kind enough that he send the plastic thingy to my nearest fish shop(where they carry nano tanks)and i collected it FOC. I think anywhere where they sell nano tanks do carry this skimmer.

Wavemake- you guys know how much is the Hydro Koralia 1, have been trying to find online in google.. doesnt seem to locate me any fish shop here selling. How much isit?

HK - Yeah, a good place to grab cheap stuffs. I actually went all the way to China guangzhou to buy my chiller and my protein skimmer for my nano. Just fit nicely to my back compartment. Cheap also, $8 only. haha.. Chiller i bought about $150. Handcarry.. LOL.. so tiring trip..

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The Hydro Koralia wavemaker comes in 5 size, if u using 24G nano use the Hydro Koralia 1, anything smaller than 24G should be the Hydro Koralia Nano, the rest if for bigger tank. You can get it at Aquamarin at Katong or Jln Kayu. Saw it at Clementi too, the one with famous claypot rice, can't remember the block.

You are lucky to get a cheap skimmer, so is it good, got a pic to see how is it like

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