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Buyer and Seller Etiquette.


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So what if you are giving FOC THINGS... Its non of my business..

Try to be honest in selling and be honest in yourself... U can deceive other, but do remember you cannot deceive yourself. HAHA...

U can ask around pple who bought things from me, either i give them FOC things or i dun charge them as what i quote. As i always say i'm not out to do business.

AT, please give me your comments on good sold for such long time then now report it's spoil. Moreover he kept calling during the day and disturb my rest and did not ask me in a very courtesy manner.

U say be gentleman and be responsible also resonable person... try buying things lets not say supermart or shopping center, lets try market... would pple refund u a thing that u bought for 1 month and claims that its spooilt... :ph34r:

I as a responsible seller did ask u to come over to test the pump but u decline, lets not say "base on trust" whenever u are buying things even friends we have to do test before commiting. Also i did power up the unit before shutting packing the return pump.

Being a Responsible i told u that the wattage was too high to sustain and bought a aquabee 6000 and told u what are thr parts that i've used and not used in the pump package.

Being reasonable i reach the destination too early as promised in the deal and i drove to ur work place @ motorola and gave u a ride to the nearest MRT station for you to withdraw money for mearly $30 bucks.

U should be a responsible buyer to test immediatly or within 24hrs after u receive the goods.Be Gentleman not to demand for refund in a discourteous manner. Be reasonable that and ask around ur buying and selling etiquette.

I can defintely refund u your $30 bucks (not worth my SMS and phone calls) but your attitude must made to be known to fellow reefers and let them be aware of such reefers does exist in our forum and be extremly careful.

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seriously, if you want to apologise and to close the thread, stop posting already...

+ 1 !

i bought crap from people before too. there was this one time i got a hailea pump from that cuckoo acid jizz with a broken nozzle that was badly epoxied back. but i, being a fool, didnt check it. spent my time looking at his tank instead. so after i go home can only scream and throw bricks at heaven.... :upsidedown:

on a separate note, i think statistically every 2~3 months theres always an interesting thread in src.

dun be like serious cat :pinch:


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