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Maxima Black Panther Clam for bid


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Maxima Black Panther up for bid. Starting bid @ $50.

I am sorry for the lousy pics taken. My camera simply cannot capture the true beauty of it.

For the clam lovers, I do believed black panthers are quite rare. If I am not wrong.

Terms & Condition:

1.) Min $5 increment per bid.

2.) Bid will close @ Friday 15/02/08 23:59 hrs (time stated on the forum post thread)

3.) Winner will be informed by PM, and self collection @ cck by the following Sat/Sun.

4.) Should the winner unable to collect within the Sat/Sun and would like to collect on other days, he or she would have to bank transfer a deposit.

5.) Otherwise, the clam would be released to the 2nd highest bidder.

6.) Should the winner decided to fly aeroplane, the clam would also be released to the 2nd highest bidder.

7.) My decision is final.

8.) If there are no interested parties, the bid will be closed automatically on 15/02/08 23:59hrs.

9.) Only for serious bidders who have the basic knowledge of requirements to keep clams. I want this clam to be in good hands and not those who wants to try...

So much for my crap and happy bidding...









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Been waiting for it. I knew you will put for bid. Me start first

at $50

Mix reef-Main tank 3x2.5x2.5ftA

TI 3ft 8tube

Hitachi compressor unit 1HP

1 x AP- 702 Deltec

1 x Coral Lab CR with Ph controller; 1X AquaMedic Kalk Reactor top off

Baby fish dosing kh/Sr&Kcl/mg

DI water thru kalkwasser

1 x Skimz Fr with BRS gfo

2 x Rio 32hF main pump

1 x Pinpt Orp monitor

1 X Pinpt Ph monitor

Aquamedic wave maker

Sump 3x1.5ft plumbed together with;

1.5ft cube live rock

Frag tank 5x1x1ft


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