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OMG! Look at these hybrids and rare fishes!

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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium deepwater setup

Bodianus Rubrisos (Thanks lemon for the correction earlier)


Bodianus Oxycephalus (Thanks lemon for the correction earlier)


Liopropoma Aragai (My personal favourite of the tank!)




Seleanthias Sp (Caught by Deepsea Challenger and now currently on display at Okinawa Public Aquarium)


Chromis Mirationis


Liopropoma Japonicum


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Courtesy of BlueHarbor

My Juvenile hippo tang.

Fishbase has been updated with pictures of C. claire. http://www.fishbase.us/photos/thumbnailssummary.php?ID=59481

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Wow!! Looks like tangerine clown, but is clearly not. Fuel pls advise!
Doubt it's wild. Ocellaris I would guess but for it to be this color quite a few gene mutations need to occur, which is very rare in the wild. Amelanistic and missing bars & a third mutation on the "orange gene".

Always something more important than fish.


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Thanks a lot!

This fish came from Indonesia shipment. I do not know any captive breed clown fish have such color,

Is there any captive breed gold color ocellaris? ORA naked ocellaris is barless but have black margin and orange color.

If I can keep this fish alive, I will find another half for him or her. Any suggestions?

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I guess it is a very rare mutation and chances of getting it again is very very slim.. I believe the nearest captive bred clown would be tangerine but tangerine do have the stripes.. So might need to select from the F1 to do selective breeding..

It looks quite healthy, it will do very well in your hand and hope to see a new morph coming up soon..

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