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OMG! Look at these hybrids and rare fishes!

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Courtesy of BlueHarbor

My Juvenile hippo tang.

Fishbase has been updated with pictures of C. claire. http://www.fishbase.us/photos/thumbnailssummary.php?ID=59481

Posted Images

Ghost anthias in Japan

This fish is suspected to be an aberration of either Leucozonus (more likely) or Elongatus anthias in Japan.

The following pictures document the change of the fish over 3 months by the diver.








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New fishes in Japan LFS

Rare mexican Gymneleotris seminuda (Thanks to Dr Gill i now know the id of this rare n beautiful goby)


Deepwater Curacao Serranus Luciopercanus



Redsea Minilabrus Striata (Very sensitive and difficult fish)



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Gnathophyllum circellum from Mexico.. Same as most bumblebee that eats feets of urchin..

Many years ago, I kept a pair of Gnathophyllum that I caught locally near Sydney. I suspect they were G. taylori, which at the time was not described. They were in a tank by themselves, but I ended up having to add a dottyback (Oxycercichthys veliferus) and couldn't find the shrimp to move them on to a different tank. Dottybacks are notorious shrimp predators, so I assumed I would never see the shrimp again. Months later, however, I was surprised to find the pair holed up in the dottyback's cave. The dottyback was ignoring them. I never followed it up to see why the dottyback didn't eat them, but suspect they are either toxic, or perhaps act as parasite cleaners.

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