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anyone know natural769?


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cheat for so little money, that explains how much he is worth

want to cheat then go for the kill,


Mix Reef Tank: 5ft x 2.5ft x 2ft mixed reef

Chiller: daikin 1hp compressor

Return: Red Dragon 6.5m3

Lighting: Aqua Lumen Ocean 4ft

Skimmer: Reef Octopus RO-RPS-5000-EXT w/ Bubble Blaster

CR: RM 824 /milwakee PH controller

Tunze TS24 with 7096

Tunze Osmolator

American Pinpoint PH monitor

American Pinpoint ORP Monitor with Resun Ozone

RM sulphur denitrator

RM FR 424

RM FR 624

TLF Phosban Reactor

My old tank thread


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i pm or ring him

he dun answer

only own me fourty bucks but

dun return me for the past one whole year

bro, sorry to hear tat...a new year a new start!

Juz be more cautions next time...when dealing with this low class morons...


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