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Chiller Resun CL650


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Hi Reefers,

As above. The temperature remained a high of 33-34 when I returned from a short trip. This killed my fav octo :angry2:

Does anyone have any contact as above? Maybe the chiller medium has exhausted or something


Hi bro for this chiller it doesn't wouth doing it up either u purchase a 2nd hand, or look for a new one which is also not so ex now adays

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You can try Bioplast in Boon Keng, many Freshwater aquarists go there for chiller repairs and CO2 topups.

They don't charge a service charge, so you can have them inspect your chiller then decide if you want to go ahead with the repairs, if its not worth repairing you can

just pick up the chiller and keep for spare parts.

They do good work, and the uncles are honest, but they're not the cheapest.

Getting a fan replaced will set you back about $85.00

Bioplast (System & Control Engineering Co.)

Blk 22 Boon Keng Road, #01-23, Singapore 330022

Tel: 6296 4916, 6296 4919

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