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I've a few questions to ask regarding chiller.

1) How do we know if our chiller is due for servicing ?

2) What does a general servicing includes ? ( refilling of gas etc ? )

3) Any reputable place to recommend ?

I was sitting beside my tank looking at my fish tank and i realise that my chiller takes 20 mins to chill down my tank from 30 to 28 degree celcius. Usually i think it only took about 5 to 10 mins to chill down. I'll continue to monitor and see if it was just an one off event.

Chiller Resun CL-650. Tank size 60 gallon. 2ft cube.

Please advice me. Thanks.

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If it takes longer to cool, it may be because that dust has collected over time.

You may open the chiller and vacuum those dust. It should improve the performance. Don't forget the intake pump, needs cleaning.

You top-up gas if there is a leak. Most of the time no need.

I vacuum my chiller 3 to 6 month myself, so far so good. Do a check if anything rusted/leaking etc, call Chiller man, if needed.

When needed help I call Mr Tan at Kallang. Many ppl use him.


30G Corner Tank with 10G Sump, 2 x 24W artinic T5, 1 x 24W 10K, 1x 24W 20K, 3" Grade 0 sand & Live rocks, Activated Carbon, Bio-home, 2 x Seio M620, Hailea 1/2HP Chiller, Redsea Pro Skimmer

Live Stock:

Turbo Snail x 1, Green Mandarin Dragonet X 2, Blue Tang X 2, True percular x 2, 1 x Algae Bleenie, Clarke clown x 2


1 x 2" Blue maxima, Red/Brown/Purple Mushroom (Discosoma), Pink Ricordea yuma, A little colony Brown/Green common Zoanthus, Red/Pink/Green US Zoanthus, Eagle-eye Zoathus, 14 Branch Goniopora Pandoraensis, 1 Starburst Polyps, 3 + 2 Branch Frogspawn, 4 Blasto, palythoa, Cheato

RIPs (Since June 2005):

1. Sabae clown (KO by Clarke clown) 2. 1 branch melted frogspawn 4 branch 3. Golden maxima (Ripe the base off rock by me) 4. Algae Bleenie x 2 (Starvation) 5. Blue Maxima x 1, 2 x Maxima, 1 x frogspawn, rics (Overtemp...)

Old 30G Corner Tank.

Restarted 30G Corner Tank.

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