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Basic Frogfish Tank

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Hi guys

I've got a 20 litre tank lying around that I'm thinking of turning into a frogfish tank.

Thinking of 2 things...

1) Going super basic and just keeping one frogfish with LR

2) Keeping frogfish with LR and some soft corals

What are the basics I'll need for a frogfish setup? I heard skimmer is necessary cos frogfishes are messy eaters but aside from a skimmer what else will i need?

I've also read that they don't like high flow rates...

any tips from frogfish owners?

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Yes skimmer is a must and tank must have a high turn-over for the filtration. Flow wise in tank shd be moderate not fast flowing. Temp must be cool too not too hot. Give it some rocks and best if there's some sponge and plants for it to get comfy.

Do not overfeed it per meal. Try to give it a balanced diet.

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possible to do a SPS tank with a frogfish? from what i remember, it is not... high output from frogfish will probably harm the SPS?

what do u mean by high out put?

Some1 doesn't 1 2 do anything find an excuse,some1 1 2 do something find a mean!

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