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CADE 3ft Crystal glass tank, 3ft illumax T5HO Lightset


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Hi guys,

Need to clear away this tank and lightset asap so as to welcome my marine tank which has been ordered! Call me and we can nego the price. Tank has only been used for 2 months, no scratches on all 4 sides. Lightset used for 1 month, as good as new :thumbsup:

Take note, only selling the tank bare and lightset.

CADE Optiwhite 90 x 45 x 45 (10mm) -$160 Nego

slight chip at 2 corners during transportation, 100% no leaks, does not affect silicon areas. Will also provide 1 month gurantee to buyer.

CADE uses top-grade low iron glass (crystal) in the making of its braceless tanks (all sides).

The low iron glass used gives it optimum clarity and solar transmission values. It does not impede the colours of the fish and invertebrate stock within the aquarium.

There is no green tint to the glass due to its low iron content.

Minimum silicon is used neatly in the joints and does not obstruct the view of the aquarium.


used for only 1 months. Excellent condition.

- 3x LED moonlights

- 4x39W T5HO (156W)

- 4x12000K daylight 0r 4x20000K marine blue

- cooling fan (for PL sets)

- cool and efficient internal E-ballast

- annodised, lightweight aluminium casing

- highly polished reflector improves light penetration

- high grade acrylic cover (shield from splash)

- flappable stand for easy maintenance

- sufficient internal wiring (increase lifespan of light set

For the tank, please allow 1 or 2 days for me to decomm, wash throughly and dry.

Package : Take both for only $260

Contact me 90020585 :ThanxSmiley:

post-18626-012167200 1292505183_thumb.jp

post-18626-022159600 1292505199_thumb.jp

post-18626-045691700 1292505215_thumb.jp

post-18626-099715500 1292505232_thumb.jp

post-18626-069683400 1292505251_thumb.jp


I Love Stagsss

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Hi Guys!

Tank has now been decommed and ready for collection. Price reduced to $120 for tank, and $110 for the lightset. Take both for $200! This the lowest i can offer. Interested buyers can contact me at 90020585! Thanks!

post-18626-049521400 1292744262_thumb.jp

post-18626-024075900 1292744274_thumb.jp

post-18626-030810000 1292744294_thumb.jp


I Love Stagsss

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