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Blue Spotted maroon Clown


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Premnas Biaculeatus


Blue Spotted Yellow Stripe Naked Maroon Clown ( Premnas Biaculeatus)

Extremely Rare this Naked Stripe Maroon is of the yellow stripe variety, Naked Stripe Maroons are more commonly of the white stripe variety.

To add to this already rare find is a blue spot/dot centered half way at the base of the dorsal fin. Just thought I'd share.

Clownfish and Rare Clownfish are my favorite fish.

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Nice blue dot.. Hehe...

entering into a new world reef..

TANK :- 3 x 2 x 2 (Sump 2 x 1.5 x 1.5)

SALT :- H2Ocean Natural Reef Salt

LIGHTING :- DE Lighting Retrofit (4 x 39w 3Feet T5 ATI)

SKIMMER :- Octopus Skimmer

SKIMZ FR :- Chemi-Pure + Seachem Phosphate Remover

WAVEMAKER :- SunSun TwinHead

CHILLER :- Resun CL450

Filter :- Lots of bio balls ( Dry & Wet )+ Chaetos + Mangroves + LR


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Is it a hybrid with other clownfish or a unique feature that are found in some specific region like the PNG Lightning Maroon Clownfish?


Its not a hybrid all its features are that of a Maroon Clown such as the unique features of the Lightning Maroon. No Clownfish

found in the Yellow Stripe Maroon's home range has blue features. Chrysopterus is found only in Fiji, Tonga and The Solomon

Islands. That said the blue stripes of Chrysopterus is derived from reflective properties rather than "true blue color features".

Bicinctus may also have blue stripes, however the are found in the middle east.

This fish's features are likely unique. This is probably the only Maroon Clown currently in captivity to have a blue spot.

Clownfish and Rare Clownfish are my favorite fish.

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