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Omar's Tank Thread


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main tank: rimless 60 x 33 x 12(h)in, 3 with black oyama background

sump tank: 42" x 18" x 18" glass sump split into 2 compartments

drainage to sump: 2 x overflow hole diameter 40mm and 25mm

lights (main tank): diy LED fixture 13 x 10w(blue) 4 x 10w (white)

Lights (refuge) : 1 x 10w (pure white)

wave movement: Tunze Nano Wavebox (i know... i myself shocked its powerful enough for my footprint)

skimmer: -NIL-

dosing: Sugar dosing daily

reactors: RM first generation CR... powerful enough for my tank

chiller: Pacific COO first generation chiller

return: aquabee 2000

Primary Filtration: Chaeto / Refuge ,FR direct from overflow on Sorb 4

Sandbed: Shallow Sandbed

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i would say Lights is more than enough 10w is 1 amphere lei.... more than enough intensity.... aiya... liverocks just aint for me now... reefz and other shallow reefers know where i am going with this :P

yea lor... thats why always think of reef tank at home!!!

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awaiting pics by a master photographer! He damn solid one.... too bad want to bribe him with some zoa he dont want because he just got a buttrrflyfish!

alamak bro, i am not master photographer, i tried my best, but alot of them can't really capture the true colours as well, just emailed you the photos, take a look!

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