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wts-Re:Hanna HI 736 etc...

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A. Hanna HI 736 Phosphorus Ultra Low Range plus 28 pcs of Phosphorus Reagent (Bought at Jan 2011 and on warrantly)

B. Pur kalkwasser.

C. Salifert KH/AIK Profi Test-(01-2014 exp)

D. Salifert Calcium Profi Test x 2nos-(12-2013 n 05-2012 exp).

E. Salifert MgProfi Test-(07-2012 exp).

F. Seachem MultiTest

G. Top Up H2O abt more than 90% remain.

All for $80 cash n carry from West Coast Cresent. Pls sms me at 96470909.

Thank you

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