Australia Aracana Ornate Box fish

The Aracana Ornate Box fish is an endemic species of fish found on the southern half of Australia . In the wild, this fish can grow up to a maximum length of 15 cm and can often be mistaken by reefer from their closely cousins which is the striped cowfish .

Aracana Ornate Box fish are sexual dimorphic specices, as males fish have a yellow or blue line spots, whereas the female boxfish have a plainer color with orange brown strips.

The above photo show the Male Aracana Ornate Box fish


Aracana aurita_SP466_4a_RK


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The above photo show a Female Aracana Ornate Box fish

A video of the female Aracana Ornate Box fish from recent New trio Fishery shipment.



Like all box fish , the Aracana Ornate boxfish can be a challenge to keep and is not reef safe . This fish is not recommended for beginner and care should be taken when keeping it with other species of fish as stresses from the fish may release toxin from the skin killing other fishes in the tank.




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