How to DIY your own protein skimmer with less than a dollar

How to DIY your own skimmer with less than a dollar

How to DIY your own Protein skimmer with less than a dollar ?

You must be kidding me , but some time to DIY a skimmer can be relatively simple without cracking our head while having fun of it and watching your little invention skimming !

** Picture credit to DesLeow

A member of our forum posted his tank with his DIY skimmer using simple equipment which consist of just a simple Plastic Mineral water bottle and a Wooden Air Diffuser . All you need was ;

  • Mineral water bottle
  • Wooden Air Diffuser
  • Air pump

Within min, you are all set to try out your DIY skimmer. How’s about the performance of it ? Well, we shall leave it to you to review on it, but it should be mean for only a small tank with minimum bio-load .

DIY water bottle nano protein skimmer by teaseopossum


We also found a video online which show the performance of his DIY which look a little bit impressive for something that may cost less than a buck  ? What else can you ask for 🙂

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