Live rock and it’s important aspect of it

Why is live rock important in a marine tank ?

live rock big

As a marine hobbyist, we cannot denial the important of Live rock not only as ascetic wise but only as a important part of being part of biological flirtation in our marine aquarium. It also provide natural hiding space for fish to feel secure as well as the foundation for coral and other invertebrates to be placed in the tank.


When we talk a out Live Rock (LR) , why do it call it alive ? What actually make it live are the various forms of micro and macroscopic fauna and marine live that can be found on the live rock itself. The rock itself Is mainly make up of calcium carbonate skeletons of long dead corals, or other calcareous organisms. The surface area of the live rock provide a natural biological filtration for bacteria to live in which help to break down harmful ammonia into nitrite and finally into Nitrate.

Therefore, a marine tank would not be complete with any live rock in it.


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