Product Review ; Nyos Nitrate Test kit Vs Salifest Nitrate Test kit

Product Review ; Nyos Nitrate Test kit Vs Salifest Nitrate Test kit

As a hobbyist, the salifest range of test kit is not stranger to people like me. It also one of the more popular brand of test kit brand which provide the widely range of water parameter testing for most aquarium use, and application.

I had a chance to get hold of the New Nyos Reefer version of the  test kit which is relatively new to the market and I decided to make a comparison between these two brand of the nitrate test kit. One which is relatively “New kid on the block” here vs the other brand which has been widely established.

NYOS nitrate test kit

Above photo showing what the NYOS Nitrate test kit contain.

Salifest N03 test kit

Photo showing what the Salifest Nitrate test kit contain

20150916_125806 NYOS test kit chart

NYOS Test kit color chart

Salifest test

Salifest Nitrate color chart

Comparison of the two color testing chart .

NYOS Test kit

Below is a summary of the two brands of test kit.

Brand Salifest  NYOS
Waiting time ( Result ) Fast  Good
Accuracy Good Good
Testing procedures  Easy Easy
Instruction Manual Easy to understand Easy to understand
Color chart reference  Can be challenger to read the color Easier to read with cross reference
Testing Method Colorimetric endpoint Colorimetric endpoint


Comparing to both color chart, the NYOS test kit reference chart is relatively easier to read with the help of the reference . However, the salifest testing procedure has a shorter waiting time for the result to be shown . The NYOS test kit also seem to have a better packaging and accessories, as it come with a holder to help prevent surrounding lighting affecting the reading of the test result.



In Conclusion, I would say that both test kit give me reliable similar result from the water testing, but each having it’s own pro and cons. But in term of test accuracy , the “New kid on the block” – Nyos test kit definitely meet it’s mark. Unfortunately Nyos currently only provide the basic 5 water parameter test kit  at the present moment, but it come with both the reefer and professional series of water testing. Although I am not sure yet what different the professional series of the Nyos test kit will be, but so far the reefer version of it had serve me well.


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