Setting Up a Marine Tank Together With a Quarantine Tank

Setting Up a Marine Tank Together With a Quarantine Tank


A very much debated topic among the hobbyist during the setting up of a marine tank if there is really a need for setting up a quarantine tank? How important is it for keeping a successful marine reef aquarium?

Perhaps for a freshwater tank, the setting up of a Quarantine tank may not be 100% necessary, since most of the freshwater fishes is either tank raised or captive breed, and the chances of diseases outbreak out is often consider rather less common as compare to their saltwater counterparts.

A newly purchased fish undergoing treatment


However for a marine tank setup, we would strongly recommend you to have a Quarantine tank setup. Since most of the marine specimens are mostly wild caught and not being used to kept in captivity, their journey to your home tank usually much longer and stressful for them. Fish which are stressed will usually come down with a certain kind of diseases from it. Having a QT will also allow you to notice any fist sigh of illness outbreak which can be treated immediately without spreading to the fishes in your main display tank. Most corals is sensitive to medicines which is used to treat these illness, and some of these medicines may wipe out all the invertebrates in your tank as well.. So be sure to research on the medicine before using it on your main display tank with corals and invertebrates.

Apart for quarantine newly bought marine fish, the QT is useful to act as a hospital tank to treat your fish which fall sick or being bullied from other fishes, and training your newly bought fish to feed before adding to your main display tank as well.


Setting up a QT tank

A simple QT setup


You don’t need to get a fully equipment tank with sump,skimmer and lighting, but a simple 10 – 20 gallon aquarium would be suffice for most cases. If you have a larger fish, you would want to get a bigger quarantine tank setup instead. All you need is some simple bare bones equipments required for the setting up of biological and mechanical filtration. Since the tank setup is bare minimal, it is necessary to check on the PH, Ammonia and Nitrite on a more constant basis. Daily small water change is recommended to keep the parameter in check as well.


In conclusion, the advantages to setup a QT outright the fact of not doing so. So help yourself to save some money from your livestocks, headaches and especially the fish by having a quarantine tank. The fish in your main tank will thank you for it.

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  1. I would like to say I would like to saye2€a6when buying fish, you geneealizrd the 1 one inch to 1 one gallon rule, but heres the thing, you need to use the ADULT GROWTH. if your buying a cichlid thats a small fry and you want to keep it as an adult, not changing tanks, you would go to ADULT GROWTH , Africans can be 9inches, so you need 9 gallons for each fish. e2€a6.. when you add decorations, you need to use the 1 one inch to 1 one gallon rule, because it takes up the same volume of water as fish.

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