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  1. Selling above light. Used for less than a year. Retailing at $110 letting go at $40. WA me at 9181o28
  2. Hi looking for Maxpect Razor LED 130W. WA me 91817o28
  3. Erm so those fishes not listed under feeding fish are not feeding yet?
  4. Nice colour and bubble tips.
  5. WTS the above at $20 each. take both for $35. Used for about 3 months. WA me at 91817o28. Collection Clementi area.
  6. Sealife CNY operating hours: Thursday 15 Feb from 12 - 5pm Sunday 18 Feb from 1 - 5pm. Next week back to normal operating hours.
  7. Hi, I am looking for Pocillopora various colours. Please WA me 91817o28 if you have some to let go.
  8. Can only see them pulsing if I turn off the wavemaker.
  9. 20180106_105609[1].mp4 My first try inserting video file hope it works. For your reference Xenia growing at 450mm from my lights (Kessil A360)
  10. IMO 60W of light for a 6 footer is grossly inadequate for corals.
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