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Main tank Lenght 3.5ft, width 1.5 ft height 2ft.

sump tank is slightly smaller than above.

ehiem return pump, bubble magnus skimmer, no lights, no wave maker

cabinet condition 8/10

live stock - 1 yellow tang, 1 blue tang, 1 koran angel fish, 1 clown fish, 1 blue yellow demsel, 1 green chromis.

include rocks.


plus arrange your own transport.

contact 93673040
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Upgrade my little ocean ...2ft tank become 3ft tank..

Frist day ...

After 3day..

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Has anyone seen dwarf gobies besides clown gobies before. I have always found them beautiful and they have practically zero bioload bcs of their size. I am planning to keep a school of them in my 20 gallons. I know it may be abit small but as i have found, they have very little bioload


i cant seem to put a pic of a trimma goby here so...
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Sorry. I may have left out the location. It be at Woodlands S(730847).
In meantime I post the overall image of the tank. the bottom cabinet+ tank is as a set. the door/frame on the left and the cabinet above the tank is not part of it as its an add on support.
I will be going through the msgs and replying them. Thank you.
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so nice
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Post in Macro algae lagoon aquarium (share photos of your aquariums with macro algae)

First started a dedicated macroalgae tank about 3 years ago to help grow enough pods for the mandarin fishes. And recently started anew with a semi-outdoor macroalgae in new house, no idea how it will work out in the long run but it has been working well so far

Here are the technical specs:
-40g long main tank
-10kg Arag-alive live sand
-Maxspect Gyre XF130 wave maker
-Deltec SC1455 skimmer
-Setup and designed by Henry from MarineLife

The algae has been growing well with natural light and the tank gets direct late-afternoon sun. The temperature can get as high as 31 degreeC

The evaporation lost can get really high hence an 'rain-proof' automatic water top-up system was built

Also DIY-ed an light 'hood' for night viewing using outdoor switch and spotlight, the tank gets about 3-hours of artificial light everyday.

Photo of the tank taken in mid-May

Currently i've the following in the tank

-CHAETOMORPHA SP (Hitchhiked from somewhere, grown into few big balls now!)

-3 Mandarin fishes
-1 regal tang
-1 tailspot blenny
-1 clownfish
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Big size 

Collection 373018 

Reef safe?
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Selling Ehiem pump. Used only for couple of time -Less than 10 times.

selling at $170 nego but no lowball. Pump is in very good working condition.

Deal at Fernvale/Greenwich area.

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Hi I am selling the above small in size around one inch.

selling price - $12

collection at west

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My tank is approximately 70 gallons. I have been doing carbon dosing using vinegar recently.

Currently, I am dosing 15 ml of white vinegar (5% acetic acid) everyday. Today is the 7th day.

From yesterday evening, it is realized that the tank looks like snow storm.

Can anyone share their personal experience on if I should continue to dose the same amount of white vinegar or cut the dose?

Understanding that there has been alot of similar posts out there at other forum, it is still abit worrying for me as I understand that many of them has experienced disaster from vinegar dosing.





WhatsApp Video 2020-04-09 at 4.30.22 PM.mp4
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Upz. reduce to $690.  

Selling Radion XR30w G4 Pro

Working conditions  , local set. Running intensity below 70% . Can view and test before deal. 

(without mount) 

1 for $ 690. Firm

interested PM 

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Hi All

Please help me to clear.

10pcs of preloved baby clothes @ $12.00

Masks (5pcs) + Handcream (2 tubes) @ $10

Baby Sock (XS) + Eucalyptus Oil (Sample) @ $ 3.50

Sunscreen @ $10

Pharmaton kiddy syrup @ $11

Free delivery by normal postage.

Please let me know if any of you are interested in the items.

Thank you



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Hi all.

Am new to Marine setup and hope you guys can advise.

i got a Fluval Evo tank setup and intend to keep corals. Understand that recommend temp for corals max is up to 28 degrees.

But room temp water is already 29 degrees onwards. My tank water temp hover ard 30-31 degrees even on a cloudy day.

any advise as in to get cooler fan or chiller?

if chiller , any recommendations for a 52 litres tank?

will I be seeing a huge increase in the electrical bills too

thansk in advance!

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Price  ATI Protrin skimmer - $250  Hydra 52 wan to sell $540, interested pls whatsapp me 91165391 , can view at punggol field. tks

whats the dimension? is there any sump?

$110 only deal today

Left ATI dimmable x6 tubes module.

Letting go good condition chiller. Upgraded to compressor so no need for this. 


Cleaned, rinsed and come with pump. Pipes have been modified slightly to fit the height of my cabinet previously. 

Do note, not for fussy buyer, quick sale as need to travel soon. Self collect. 


WhatsApp me at nine02177four2
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