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  1. Hi, selling Ich Free, fat, 9cm feeding sohal tang for $160. Fella’s been in separate quarantine setup (see image below) > mth. No offence but price is reflective of Post quarantined condition. Low ballers stay away/ visit LFS when they have promo and try your luck. PM if keen IMG_3286.MOV
  2. Want to sell all the following test kits for $25 (original price for all $60). Only ever used once, bought this year. Royal Nature - ammonia exp dec’20 - nitrite exp jun’20 - nitrate exp dec’20 Salifert -ph exp sep’20 PM to deal
  3. Yes, first person I called... they don’t have.... may take weeks (if lucky) to source locally...
  4. Hi! Looking to buy the 2 screws below if you’re not using hanging kit/ somehow have spares. please pm, can collect this week
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